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Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Applied Illustration - Information.

A Information book for Children about the 1920s. I completed 3 pages, Around the home, Toys and Games and The Cinema. The book has lots of things to try and engage a child, like pull tabs, slides, pop-ups and games. 

Visual Studies- Light and Dark 2

Visual Studies - Light and Dark

Drawing with Shadows

Visual Studies - Layers

A couple of images from a Visual Studies Project. I spent the whole time trying to recreate an effect similar to mould on food, but actually came up with something that looked a lot more like rust. So here are the results.

Pop- Up Personal Sketchbook Work

Illustrated Book

An Illustrated Book based on Italo Calvino's Cities and the Sky from Invisible Cities.

The book has a couple of interactive features including pull tabs and a pop up tunnel. The main focus is the last page in which the reader can unfold (or build) a city which then creates a 3D sculptural feature. 

So it begins...

A Timeline of Extinction